Running is a great activity for all age categories. Most sports involve an element of running.

All of the advice in the BEGINNER section applies equally to youngsters as it does to adults. Running, or indeed any physical exercise, has numerous benefits for children. Research has revealed that physical activity prior to studying makese children more attentive in class; not so restless and easily distracted, but more able to take in what is being taught. Behavioural problems may also be reduced. Physical exercise can ensure that children maintain an appropriate weight and reduce the risk of suffering from weight-related health problems. Indeed, children that are physically active when they are young are more likely to maintain this lifestyle as they grow older, meaning a more healthy lifestyle into their teenage years and adult life. For detailed information on diet, take a look at the NUTRITION area and the special advice for young runners.

KELAB OLAHRAGA SUPER STAR is a local athletics club that helps to introduce children to athletics and running. It has specialised , national coaches and a group of like-minded young people all participating in games and various activities. As well as getting qualified instruction on how to run our athletics club is also a great way for children to make friends.